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Shown here are typical mounting examples for fitting an electromagnetic flow sensor in a pipe. Always consult the appropriate installation manual included with your sensor for specific mounting instructions and proper locations for each individual piping situation.

Wafer Style Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Wafer style flow sensor with integral converter
installed in a well water recovery system.

Flange Style Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Vertical mounted flow sensor with remote converter.

High Speed Batching Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Stainless steel high-speed batching flow meters with
tri-clamp fluid connections installed on a filling system

Insertion Style Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Insertion style magmeters have a sensor at the end of a tube mounted in a housing that is screwed into a threaded nipple.

The sensor electrodes are mounted in the tip that protrudes into the pipe. A shutoff valve (a ball valve is less prone to plugging than a gate valve) is usually placed between the meter and the nipple to close the hole when not in use but a simple cap could also be used.