ISOMAG Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Isomag is a full range of electromagnetic flow meters from 1/8″ to 78″ and pressures up to 3600 psi. They are available in compact or separate version, wafer (up to 16″) or flanged mounting, with a wide range of options for electrodes and lining materials.

The ISOMAG series includes sanitary 3A certified for food applications, or NSF approved materials for drinking water applications.

ISOMAG flow meters are MID001 and MID004 and OIML R49-1 certified making them suitable for custody transfer purpose. A range of insertion flow meters allow installation and removal from the pipe while under pressure.

FM8000 Open Channel Flow Meters

The Flomotion FM8000 provides accurate non-contact ultrasonic open channel flow measurement. Simple programming allows selection from a list of common built-in weir and flume tables.

In addition, head vs. flow data points may be input for almost any type of non-standard primary device. The bright, easy to read graphics
display and built-in keypad allow for fast, simple programming and operational indication.

Adjustable damping, transducer transmit power, and low flow cutout
provide flexibility in difficult monitoring applications.

Clamp-on Transit-Time Closed Pipe Flow Meters

Clamp-on type ultrasonic flowmeters offer the the simplest and easiest installation of any flowmeter. The BE6300 transit-time flowmeter is no exception and installs in minutes. A pair of rugged transducers mounts easily to the outside of the pipe using standard clamping straps.

The transducers are non-intrusive, therefore there is no pressure drop or flow obstruction. The advanced microprocessor utilizes the latest in ultrasonic direct time measurement with a resolution of 0.2 nanoseconds. Coupled with state-of-the-art data processing the BE6300 provides a high level of linearity.

Multiple inputs and outputs are available to interface with a wide variety of control and reporting systems. Remote programming is available via the standard RS232C port.

Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Simple design – only two moving parts. Low flow capability. Measures pulsating flows. Non-metallic body & gears. High resolution pulse output. Low pressure drop. Horizontal or vertical mounting.