ISOMAG CS3900 Small Diameter Insertion Electromagnetic Flow meter

Combines reliable full-pipe flow measurement with high accuracy, low-cost and ease of installation, even in pressurized lines.



  • Power 10-30VDC (1W)
  • Interface: 5 Pin connector with plug
  • Configuration via PC
  • Eeprom program storage
  • Pulse and Analog 4-20mA outputs (opt)
  • Capability to measure the process temperature on analog output


  • Compact flow meter with integrated sensor and converter
  • Sensor body in galvanized zinc steel, PTFE coated or 304 SS (up to 1″) with 316 SS electrodes
  • Available sizes 1/2″ to 2″
  • NPT process connections
  • Suitable for flow control where flow might need to be controlled according to the temperature such as cooling systems on tooling machines, washing systems, etc.