MV255 Battery Powered Converter with Cellular Communications

Battery powered converters compatible with ISOMAG flow sensors.


The MV255 FLOWIZ is a battery or AC powered converter compatible with ISOMAG flow sensors.

The MV255 converter can be powered from A/C, Solar, lithium or alkaline batteries and have battery backup. The main batteries can be easily replaced without interrupting the measurement. Batteries have an estimated life of 15 years or more based on measurement conditions.

Other features include Digital Outputs, Analog Input/Outputs and the ability to manage up to two pressure or temperature sensors. RS485 & MODBUS communications are available. Store years of data in the 4GB Datalogger. The Built-In-Verification (BIV) system constantly monitors various sensor parameters, anticipating possible problems. The converter is housed in a rugged, corrosion resistant NEMA-6 (IP67) enclosure of fiberglass reinforced nylon or painted cast aluminum.

The MV255 FLOWIZ model has an integral 3G cellular modem that allows wireless transmission of all measured flow and pressure/temperature data. The secure encrypted data is compressed to reduce the time and costs of data transmission, SMS alarms can be sent in cases where the process thresholds are exceeded. Remote program adjustments can be made via SMS text message.


  • Remote Cellular GPRS/SMS Communications
  • Sensor or Wall Mount
  • 3 External Programming keys
  • Graphics Display
  • Pulse Output
  • Analog Output (4-20mA or frequency)
  • Alarm Output
  • Empty Pipe Detection
  • RS485 / MODBUS
  • NEMA 6 / IP67 enclosure
  • Power 10-40VDC, 15-265VAC, Solar Panel or Battery
  • Minimum conductivity: 20 µS/cm