For Accurate Calibration of Chemical Metering Pumps

Calibration Cylinders are installed on the suction side of the metering pump and are isolated with two valves installed with the cylinder. The top of the cylinder is vented back to the supply tank or drain. The calibration cylinder is filled to the top mark then the valve from the tank is closed. Turning on the metering pump will draw down the liquid providing a simple means to verify the accuracy of the pump flow rate. USGPH (Gallons Per Hour) and ML are shown on the cylinder. Sigmamotor Calibration Cylinders are critical to accurate determination of your system flow rate, either at start-up or following maintenance.

Sigmamotor PVC Calibration Cylinders are made from clear PVC with gray PVC ends.

  • Eight sizes from 100ml to 20,000ml.
  • Capacities from 3.2 to 640 GPH.
  • Clear tube for easy GPH reading.
  • CNC machined ends.
  • NSF-61 Approved materials.

NSF-61 Approved PVC